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In fact, it is quite pricey in my opinion - probably to pay for all of those TV commercials. If you stick with Plenty More Fish, on the home page you have to choose between one of three main ponds: Singles pond: The singles pond is for all regular daters.

You don't have to live in the UK, they accept new joiners from anywhere, at least anywhere that speaks English. The age range in here tends to be men and women from about 20 up to 40. It's one of the quickest growing trends in dating these days - oldies who want to date a second time around.

Untill then the site is complely FREE for you to look around and send some winks.

Have fun and don't forget to add this page to your favorite bookmarks.

When I looked in the naughty pond it was mostly filled with young, immature males, looking for something "easy".

If you can't find what you're looking for from the above there's more: Single parents, cuddly for anyone carrying a few extra pounds, divorced daters, and Christians.

However if you are still looking for submissive women it’s time to check out the naughtier side of dating.

Have you been out of the dating market for a while?

To chat you need to become a full member, and the starting price is £29.95.

Your dating search is over, well the hard part anyway.

Sick of people telling you that there are plenty more fish in the sea?

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