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Those are holidays that come with an expectation of intimacy. Our data shows that Monday is our busiest day of the week. I'm happy to appear on Sean Hannity's show and have him scream about how immoral he thinks I am because I know our servers are humming and we can barely handle the page views because all his viewers are running to my site. When I've been asked that question, I reply, "I would be devastated..." but the rest of my answer has been cut. We realized we have so much anonymous data and we could go through our data to show the true reasons men and women have affairs, what their demographics are, whether there really is a two-year itch or a seven-year-itch. Lots of people were happy to be against infidelity, but no one was willing and able to be a voice that tries to understand it. Pick a topic, start an intelligent conversation, and keep building your brand. But when they finally are, it's important for your brand to be front and center.

Weekends are full of expectations of intimacy and, again, when that expectation isn't met... My complete answer was, "I would be devastated, but I wouldn't blame a website or an inanimate object." Reporters were trying to do their thing, so I stopped worrying about it.

Trust your own vision and voice and you will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

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You'll get a 3x return on your vision versus the 1x return you'll get if you outsource. Don't leave the marketing line on your business plan blank. I always drop down to the marketing line first and often all I see are zeros. You must have a real plan for how you can acquire customers.

When you can define it you can control your own destiny.

Our acceptance has ebbed and flowed: In 2008, NBC let me run a Super Bowl ad and we were able to advertise in other, more "mainstream" outlets.

But when the economy improved and the economics allowed it, conservatism and judgment came roaring back in.

And we can respond much more quickly: The day Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's marriage was made public we had a billboard up in Los Angeles.

Our busiest days are the days after Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day. I realized I could be a gatekeeper of incredible sociology data.

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