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Authenticated feed means you have to authenticate with your username and password to view the feeds. Alternatively you can load RSS feeds in Firefox or Chrome itself.

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You can enjoy all the features of Gmail with this method.

Gmail has a RSS Feed for inbox messages which can be read through your any RSS reader which supports “authenticated feed”.

It’s free, it’s open source and it set ups automatically within seconds.

By the way, Gmail currently supports the following Desktop Email Clients.

You can forward all your incoming mail messages to any valid email address.

Read this article to learn how to forward your Gmail messages to another email address.

It is currently available only for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Once installed in your browser, click the Gmail icon on the toolbar and it will automatically redirect you to the login page.

Even the free version of Gmail allows you to forward your incoming mail messages to another email address (Yahoo, hotmail, Rediffmail etc) .

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