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The beginnings of what might prove to be a very serious Oikawa induced migraine thrum behind his eyes as he lies flat on the floor, looking up at his childhood friend who seems far too self-satisfied for the situation."But Iwa-chan~" Oikawa replies, eyes all wide and guileless as he looks down, like he's not ." He sits up, so he's something closer to eye-level with Oikawa, and rests his weight on his hands.

"So let's have it.""Fine, fine, fine." Leaning back onto Hajime's sofa, Oikawa smears the back cushion with even more melted chocolate.

It's the sort of friendship that had started thanks to proximity, houses on the same street, and continued because they'd developed their shared interests together, joining volleyball after Oikawa had watched a match on television that had gotten him all excited.

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"I was trying to make Christmas candy for someone special, and I blew up my apartment."So many things about that statement are wrong.

There's the fact that Oikawa was trying to do something for someone else, first of all, and then secondly, that he hadn't been at whatever it was he was trying to do.

He's got the sneaking suspicion that Oikawa'd done the damage on purpose, somehow, probably for some ridiculous, melodramatic reason that only makes sense in that twisted head of his. "You .""Well, just the kitchen, really," Oikawa amends, lifting his arms so he can cross them behind his head, looking carefree now, nothing like when he'd shown up all kicked-puppy at Hajime's doorstep.

It's a welcome change, Hajime guesses, since Oikawa is an ugly crier and Hajime's not so great with Oikawa's tears or the impulsive violence that seems to come hand in hand along with them. Oikawa says something arrogant and over-the-top, and Hajime retorts as he sees fit."No you don't," Oikawa says.

"It occurs to Hajime that the only thing he keeps in his top drawer is his underwear. " Hajime roars, the migraine settling in completely as Oikawa continues to laugh.

It isn't until later that Hajime thinks to ask about the candy.

"It's going to be so much fun, Iwa-chan~ Two best buds, sharing an apartment.

It's like a college movie." He hums, off-tune, and Hajime keeps staring.

"I absolutely refuse."" my parents have decided I can't live alone, and I'm moving in with you." Oikawa's hair is sticky, clumping in weird places where chocolate has congealed.

When he tilts his head to the side, still peering down at Hajime playfully, it streaks his forehead like it's a marker."See, Oikawa, that's the part that I'm having the most trouble with," Hajime says, swallowing harshly, wanting to clench his hands into fists.

Besides, Oikawa's always been warm, and Hajime likes to take advantage of that."Who were you making chocolates for? "Don't worry, Iwa-chan, I'm not replacing you.""You're lucky I'm too tired to smack you with a nice serve to the head," Hajime replies.

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