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Lavinia insists, "The seeds of freedom were also planted by those video tapes," as the film shows protestors in the street, news footage of the effects of watching "those video tapes".

The archival footage is inspiring, now, much as the fiction movies were inspiring, then.

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"Those films were my oxygen," says Irina, "The main thing was I could watch films and keep in touch with the world…

It was like escaping from jail." But it was also material, eventually.

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"I didn't imagine a film like that could exist." It was Last Tango in Paris, and it was the first movie she saw on videotape, in Romania, in the mid-'80s.

As she and her friend Mariana think back, the scene cuts to Last Tango in Paris, Marlon Brando bathing Maria Schneider, pushing her head under water, the fictional lovers' laughter echoing that of the two friends. "That's when I realized how far behind the West we were."The moment perfectly exemplifies the method of Chuck Norris vs Communism, Ilinca Calugareanu's documentary about the transformation of a population by movies.

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"It was a little like being hit over the head," remembers Voichita.

"She was pure consciousness." Julia Roberts appears in the dress sop in Pretty Woman, her hat wide and her dress whiter than white.

"I imagined her dubbing films in the kitchen," smiles Vlad, "making soup." Multiple fantasies turned into multiple dreams: unable to find food to eat, working long hours for precious little compensation, living in cramped, cold quarters, Romanians sought hope.

This is another mystification about the communist regime. They are more like friends of the production team telling what they remember with a lot of romance.

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