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When a parent wants a child tested purely for an IQ, the parent needs to carefully examine his or her own motives.

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So unlikely, in fact, that the odds that it will detrimental instead of useful are too high to make it a good idea in most cases.

We’ve all heard stories of two-year-olds joining Mensa and wondered what in the world was going on.

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done outside of Mensa by schools or psychologists, but it does not test young children. Here are six reasons not to give IQ tests to young children: If you test a child who is three years old and the score is high (say two standard deviations above the mean or more), the odds that that score will be the same if the child were tested six years later are very, very low. Possible, but don’t make it part of your retirement plan.

Although you might think Mensa would have a vested interest in having people test young children so they could join the organization, it actually takes no opinion. The problem with that is that parents then carry that unstable score number in their heads and it compromises their ability to make appropriate choices later.Testing should only ever be done to serve the child, and that is rarely necessary at very young ages. If you have a child who is not meeting developmental milestones or there is some other cause for concern or evaluation, that’s when it may be called for. But if you are really looking to know intellectual ability and potential, I’d love to see your sweet spot scores. They tell you what that person looked like on that day, with that test, with that test administrator, under those specific conditions. They don’t tell you how the child would do on a different day, with a different test, with a different administrator, whether the child will do well in school or can share toys, and on and on.Your pediatrician can and should be the one to help you decide if this is the case, not teachers or grandparents or others who say, “Wow, he can count to ten in Spanish? ” Mensa offers a lot for even young children, so I recommend that if you’ve got a super bright young kiddo, the parents should Just like tennis racquets, IQ testing has a sweet spot. Now, we can’t control every factor, but the younger the person being tested is, the more important it is to get the child evaluated by someone really good.It is very hard to tease apart giftedness and precociousness in young children, and if you are an early reader with a strong vocabulary and good memory, you can end up with a much higher score than you would if you were tested when you were older.The scores are more likely to be stable if all of the subtest scores are aligned, so it is possible to get a fairly accurate score at this age, but unlikely.It enhances Read More This is an innovative and inspiring approach which values the child as strong, capable and resilient; rich with wonder and knowledge.

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