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They were always the first out of the airport, and got through everything as quickly as possible without stopping to talk things out or argue.That efficiency would help them in the finale, as while Tina spent more of her attention on nagging Ken than running the Race, allowed Nick & Starr to eke out the victory.The bad news was the Race had to compete for ratings on one of television's toughest nights, and in the fall was constantly delayed by football games overrunning.

They were a complete non-factor in the finale, as their cab driver immediately got lost, and, as they had not thought to research directions before getting on the plane like Nick & Starr, they quietly disappeared from the episode and finished a distant 3rd place, yet got the loudest cheers from the other teams as they cruised into the Finish Line.

Mother and son, they were the season's fan favorites by default, due to the other teams in the top 6 being less than likable, and their polite, if not boring, demeanor made them the obvious choice to root for.

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Ultimately, their inability to notice the details cost them, as they struggled to complete the Bleary Eyed Detour in India, writing down random numbers instead of the ones on tags hanging from the power lines.

Though they managed to rectify this mistake before Dandrew, Ken & Tina helped Dan & Andrew finish the Detour before them, knocking them out in 6th.They were bad at the mental game, they were bad at the physical game, they were so bad they screwed up , yet somehow made it all the way to the Final 3 due to other teams making mistakes more fatal than theirs (e.g.Dallas losing his fanny pack containing money and passports).However, both their racing skills and their relationship deteriorated from that point out, and they were never quite able to keep up with Nick & Starr after that.They would make it to the Final 3, where they would trade the lead with Nick & Starr for most of the leg, until they fell behind for good while looking for the green dinosaur in Portland, Oregon, and finished 2nd. There have been bad teams before, and there have been bad teams since, but Dan & Andrew had legendary badness.They broke the record for leg wins in a single season (set by Colin & Christie and unofficially tied by Eric & Jeremy), were the first team to win four straight legs (albeit by using a Fast Forward for one of the leg wins), and were the first family team to win the Race, as well as the youngest (not counting the Family Edition, which most people don't).

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